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Behind the exit - EN

Behind the exit - EN

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Documentary -
52 min on base jumping

Meddling in the base-jumper community is something rare. This documentary takes you into their private space. Far from the media show off, one discovers for the first time the diversity of practitioners and their disciplines. Unknown, the base-jump appears in a new light thanks to the sharp and unbiased eye of the director.

Structure of BEHIND THE EXIT

The documentary offers an original narrative line. When writing BEHIND THE EXIT, I wanted to experiment with new ways of telling a story. The film is thus organized into three distinct narratives which overlap. Navigating freely from one to the other, the viewer then finds himself an actor in his own understanding of the film.

The main plot is solely constructed with the audio testimonies of the thirteen athletes. Intimate and spontaneous, the voice-over is structured around common themes and concerns. This faceless voice then becomes the expression of a community.

In the image, the two other narrations alternate. One, contemplative, follows the story of five completely different jumps. The fairly slow pace reflects the reality of the practice. The other has a purely explanatory purpose and allows you to understand the different sub-disciplines that make up base jumping.

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